Project Porcelain

I have me a fancy cup for my brushes! This was a completely impromptu idea, one evening after dinner, when my aunt (porcelain artist extraordinaire) asked me if I wanted to try this technique, and that one, and maybe that one? So we rummaged in her reserve of blank objects and decided this one was both pretty and useful. Half of the cup was for trying out a gold marbling technique, and the other half for something called “crystal magic”. The detail band was a last minute idea, and it simply features the most important elements of my work, the Arabic characters…

Skullcandy meets Minifu

Some time ago the representative of Skullcandy Levant asked me if I’d like to customize a docking station for a promotional contest. I was happy to, this was a fun new challenge and I immediately thought of MiniFu as fitting the Skullcandy style, in my mind.

The graphic at the top was the teaser, and below it is the real thing.

It took several attempts (good thing I had 4 defunct Pipes to experiment on) but eventually I hit upon a way to get these extremely minute figures onto the pipe. I used craft paint made for cold painting on ceramic, that also works well on metal. Only paint thinner takes it off!