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  • Fascinating, I’m 57 and amateur anthropologist, I like your work a lot. Could you send a paper copy of your chart? And how much would it be?

  • I love This!
    PS – I’m mostly a dinaric northern italian. Most of people of the area where I live have dinaric features, with average proportions, average height and cilindrical-shaped head, we tend to brachicephalia, but is not as extreme as in alpines (my cephalic index is about 83), and our faces are narrow to average.

  • Based on this, I must at least have some Nordic, British islander and slavic (bluegrey eyes) and it’s possible since I’m Belgian and that’s a small country which was part of a lot of other countries until a few ages ago. My sister, on the contrary, clearly has some more southern genes by the way.

  • By the way, I lately read an article where andamanese people where present, who live in India and are Negritos. This would mean the very last type also occurs in India, while it isn’t stated there (from philippines to new-guinea)

  • Hi, I think your charts are extremely useful, thank you. What do you mean by “indian fold” on the eyes of Andid people? Thanks

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