Drawing People (e-book)

Everything you need to know to draw the human figure in all its liveliness and diversity, illustrated in full color in over 100 pages.



  • Introduction: Cultivating Your Drawing Skills
  • Drawing the body (comparative face and body anatomy for men and women, muscle diagrams, hands and feet, notes on balance and foreshortening)
  • Emotions and facial expressions (a study of a sample of 60 expressions with additional notes on posture, etc)
  • Flexibility (understand how and where the body bends)
  • Aging the face and body, detailed for men and women
  • Catalog of human features (eye/hair/skin color, nose/eyebrow/eye/breast shapes, body types)
  • Guide to human types (detailed anatomic and facial characteristics of over 50 ethnotypes, from Ainu to Zulu, with notes on mixed types – the only such guide in existence.



Emotions & Facial Expressions

This short e-book describing about 60 facial expressions, extracted from my book “Drawing People”, was made for the benefit of centres, schools and individuals who work with autism. To such entities I give permission to print out these pages and distribute them freely to people who may be in need of such a reference. I only ask that the e-book itself not be circulated, and that each entity purchase its own copy to print from.



Artist’s Guide to Cats (e-book)

This book collects my exhaustive and abundantly annotated guides to Pantheridae (Big Cats), Felidae (Little Cats), Housecat Breeds, as well as the chart for Housecat Coat Colors and Patterns. Preview the contents here under Drawing Cats.


Drawing Birds (e-book)

25 pages extensively covering how to draw birds. Includes anatomy, detailed diagrams on the wing construction and movement, head and beak details, feathers, flight diagrams. The book also covers the individual details (anatomic characteristics, wings, bills, feet, flight pattern etc) of about 60 species, making it a great reference for illustrators seeking accuracy as well as a great guide for fantasy artists who need to create new species.


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