About this Blog

What I wanted to do with this blog section is gather together all the threads of my lifestyle in a way that can be a resource or an inspiration for others. Currently this means my food recipes, but also recipes for natural housecleaners, personal care products, plastic-free solutions, and also a foraging section: how to identify, harvest and prepare wild foods. Feel free to save/print them for your own use or share to social media, but please don’t re-post without my permission.

Why slow living?

By natural inclination, as well as because I want to take as little part as possible in the physical and spiritual desolation of our age, I find myself constantly returning to basics and to the natural world. Being present in the moment and present with nature takes the shape of making things myself and embracing ancient, sometimes labour-intensive, but inherently green processes, from baking and foraging to knitting and cleaning consciously. What I can’t make, I source ethically, from local makers or growers. Although I live in the city, my life is free of plastic, trends and social pressure. I can’t draw a line between my work and my life, or between housework and leisure: it is all one interwoven whole, all equally part of being fully alive.

I wasn’t sure how to express all this succinctly, when I came across the expression “slow living” which seems to fit very well, hence using it in the title.

You don’t need to adhere to my lifestyle or principles to enjoy the enclosed recipes. But let me hear from you if they’re useful!