The Gymarrianites aka Gems are a fictional race created by Emily Warren for a collective art project. They are human beings from a future, post-apocalyptic world (known to them as Gymarrah) that has lost all memory of our history. Gymarrianites have their power stones attached to their bodies and are named after them.
Various artists were able to choose gem names and create characters based on them. I chose Wei, the Chinese name for red jade.

Wei’s story:

The daughter of a merchant and a dancer, Wei displayed unusual healing gifts at an early age – along with a troublesome temperament. In the hopes that worldly experience would help their daughter grow out of her peculiar mood swings, her parents brought her to the attention of the authorities and after due training she was assigned to a crew. Though she did gain maturity in the process, she is still seen as something of an eccentric living in a world of her own.
What no one, not even her parents, know is that since childhood Wei has had dreams of a lost empire – a place she is sure really existed in Gymarrah’s distant past. In those dreams she learned ancient healing arts utilizing the power of the body and the cosmos, thus gaining an edge over other Magilores. However, partly out of fear of not being believed, and partly because she’s afraid to lose her dream-connection if she speaks of it, she keeps them carefully to herself. Much of her difficult temper is due to her struggle to understand her place in her world in light of those dreams. Her eagerness to travel stems from the hope of finding a scientist who can shed more light upon what she sees – but deep in her heart she has already resolved to find and question the Morian Quartz if that’s what it takes…

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