Mini Fu

Originally a 60-icon set celebrating the martial arts I practiced for 10 years (Wushu and Taiji Quan), the MiniFu family grew and grew...

The disciplines and styles represented are colour-coded as follows:

Red: Changquan (Long Fist aka Northern style)
Black: Nanquan (Southern Style) and GuanDao (the halberd)
Orange: Gunshu (the staff
Purple: Daoshu (the broad sword)
White: Taiji Quan Yang style
Blue: Taiji Quan Chen style
Green: Jianshu (the long sword)
Yellow: Qiangshu (the spear)
Aqua: Taiji Qiang (Taiji spear)

The MiniFu style attained great popularity and started showing up in unexpected places, such as this humorous take on my own comic series:

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