If you like Indian food, you probably love naan bread, and I never thought it was this easy to make at home. The best thing about this recipe is how beautifully it freezes: I like to make a big batch on a day when I have time, seal them in a tub and freeze them. Then when I need a quick bite, especially for breakfast, I’ll preheat the oven, put one naan in it straight from the freezer, and it takes only 5 minutes for it to be as warm and fluffy as it it had just been baked. Then I can top it with whatever I have on hand: a fried egg, avocado, zaatar…
If you’re having them as a side, you can optionally fancy up the baking bread in step 7 by brushing it with olive oil, butter, or garlic-infused oil, and sprinkling with nigella or sesame seeds.
Use coconut milk to keep it dairy-free.

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  • I love this naan recipe! I’ve made it countless times, first following the recipe as specified here, then later adding in garlic powder/finely minced garlic, then replacing the milk with Greek yogurt, and lately substituting ca. 100g cauliflower puree for 100g of the flour. Whatever I do to it, it always turns out amazing. Thank you so much for such a versatile and delicious recipe!

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